SOLD 24714 Nichols Road AND BOUGHT 116 Meadows

Seaford, DE 19973


5 Stars

"Susan is very personable, professional and knowledgeable with regards to real estate. She guided me through the entire process of listing and selling my home as well as purchasing a new home. I would absolutely recommended Susan to assist with navigating any real estate transaction."

116 Meadow Dr, Seaford, DE 19973

MLS #  DESU150890 - DESU144504


Lot 1 Redden Road

Bridgeville, DE 19933

2.5 Acres 

Sale Price: $69,000

MLS #  1001924398

The Crane’s wanted to sell their adjacent 2.5 acre lot. They didn’t Have to sell and they weren’t selling for less than what they wanted to sell it for because it’s an extraordinary lot… for the buyer who could see that value. Would it have made a difference if I had told them at the signing the listing agreement they would hear from me for 577 days until we went to closing? The answer is, “NO”. Most realtors would have declined.    The process for them was frustrating at times, the grass still had to be cut, and that yard sign was a constant reminder of No Sale. Change agents? I was providing exactly what I was asked to do and supporting and educating along the way. Lower the price? Not an option. They knew what they were getting into and they could have settled for less. Instead, they write, “Just wanted to thank you for going the extra mile for Bob and I.  I really appreciated you being there at closing and for the gifts.”

What about you?  Do you have an extraordinary situation that you feel will not be heard?  Have you spent time and effort in the past trying to get a real estate dream realized?  What do you have to loose? Telling your story for the first time or one more time with the possibility of not being heard, risk rejection, taking that first scary step into the unknown world of real estate, or risking going forward and not getting the service from a real estate agent?  Find out what steps I provide to traverse through the complicated transaction of buying or selling real estate.  


P.S. Since they were selling a lot, I decided to watercolor their home.  Their response was over the top and with much gratitude.  This is why I watercolor clients homes.  I love to see the reaction on their faces. 


25543 Pheasant Run

Seaford, DE 19973

Bedrooms: 3   Bathrooms: 2  Square Feet: 2,200

Sale Price: $258,000

MLS #  DESU149466


“If you do what is hard life will be easy.  If you do what is easy your life will be hard.” ~ Les Brown


Success Story continued…First we bought the acreage. Second we sold the house. 

Dreams come in all shapes and sizes and for The Whaley’s having their horse on their own property was just a dream until acreage with a horse barn that is perfect for their family’s horse came on the market.  Other’s liked that parcel too and after 30 days in a back-up contract, they took first position and closed on that dream within 30 days.  


Next, was putting their home of 15 years on the market.  Maintaining a home really pays off when you want to sell.  With only a few things to do, she was listed and under contract in 31 days.  Not to say that there wasn’t a wee bit of stress involved but relying on an agent that can answer all their questions certainly has its advantages with stress management. Did I mention obtaining a short term rental in between selling their home and building their new home, to put the cherry on the top of that ice cream sundae!! 

Anything worth obtaining comes with obstacles and, as Booker T. Washington says, “You measure the size of the accomplishment by the obstacles you have to overcome to reach your goals.” 

This my friends, is what is meant by "the rubber hitting the road".  You need to FOCUS (Follow One Course Until Successful) in the middle of work schedules, kid’s schedules, and life’s detoured agendas to drive that plane onto the runway.  Buying and selling real estate has many moving parts and having a ‘coach’ to see you through is what can make all the difference in Happy Day at Closing or maybe no closing at all.  

Need a ‘coach’ to help you FOCUS with a Home Sweet Home goal?  I would love to help you with this.


606 N. Phillips Street

Seaford, DE 19973

Bedrooms: 4   Bathrooms: 2  Square Feet: 1,500

Sale Price: $159,900

MLS #  DESU147274


My Og Mandino mantra in this sale, “I will persist until I succeed”.

This is exactly how this home sale went.  This story is too complicated to even begin so I will just start with the end, “WE DID IT!!” 


Thank you to The Legates family who were just as persistent in getting to the table.  Even after years of matching homes with people, I learned something new.  


Need someone to be just as persistent for you, I would love to have a telephone conversation with you today.


16715 Line Road

Delmar, DE 19940

Bedrooms: 3   Bathrooms: 2.5  Square Feet: 2,800

Sale Price: $362,500

MLS #  DESU134002


Sometimes you just want a change in some personal things and that was the reason why The Hignutt’s contacted me.  They wanted to live on the same property that had a horse barn among other reasons.  So we listed their 8-acre parcel with the horse barn that was across the street from them and wrote an offer on this dream property.  The lots garnered 3 offers in the few days on the market with the back up offer actually going to closing.  

Now Paul and Heather can live where their horses live and still maintain the peaceful surroundings for their family. The horse barn and fenced in areas for their horses compliment their beautiful new home to raise their family and be much closer to the kids school.

It is such a pleasure to work with a determined, persistent couple.  On my way to work this morning I heard this definition, “Victory: An achievement of mastery or success in a struggle against odds or difficulties.”  And that depicts this closing.  There were many obstacles in our path but, with working with Paul and Heather, we had such determination to get to the finish line together that it made for such a sweet closing today.

Thank you Theran Smith at The Parker Group and Joan Tyndall / Shannon Carmean Burton at Sergovic, Carmean, Weidman, McCartney, Owens. 

Are you looking for a ‘change’ in your life? Let me help get you towards your dreams.


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